Simply Bee Organics

"Live Simply so others can Simply Live"

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Our Mission

Simply Bee Organics was founded on the principle that we can care for our body and planet in style using organic, chemical-free, healing, handmade products while saving our honeybees one wildflower at a time. With each purchase of Simply Bee Organics, you will receive a packet of wildflower seeds to help feed the bees. Together we save the bees and look great doing it!

Did you know 80% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body?

When the products you use have an ingredient index which looks like a chemistry exam; you need Clean, Healing products you can trust!

Our products are always:

Made with High Quality ORGANIC food grade Beeswax, Butters, and Oils designed to nourish and heal your skin and hair. 

Ø  Chemical-Free  Ø  Paraben-Free Ø  Sulfate-Free Ø  Cold processed Ø  Hand Crafted

At Simply Bee our driving motto is “Live Simply, So Others Can Simply Live”

Living Simply means as responsible stewards of this earth we are dedicated to reducing our impact as well as helping to heal the planet and her bio-systems.

  • We do this by only using Organic and All-Natural Ingredients where no pesticides were used.

  • We Never use Toxic or Synthetic ingredients.

  • We hand craft and cold process our products to preserve the integrity and quality of the organic ingredients

  • We are also dedicated to educating our fellow global citizens on Toxic Ingredients in Personal Care Products, as we absorb up to 80% or what we put on our skin directly into the blood stream

Save the Bees Imperative

  • We include free pollinator wild flower seeds free of pesticides and herbicides in every order to promote a healthy eco-system to save the bees

  • We dedicate resources to setting up pollinator meadows near community gardens, community areas, organic farms and gardens to help rebuild or diminishing honey bee and native pollinator populations.

  • We rescue bee swarms from backyards, schools, and other community areas and relocates them to safe organic farm land around Colorado. Local exterminators will even give our number out for bee relocation rather than euthanizing the bees.

·         We are dedicated to educating the community on the bee crisis and ways all of us can help save the bees and local pollinators


Our Products


Help us Save the Bees!

We include FREE wildflower seeds in every order specially chosen to help feed and shelter pollinators. Plant flowers and help us do something tangible to help. Becoming a Bee Guardian!  Learn how to start a pollinator meadow: 

Organic Ingredients

We are dedicated to searching the globe for the highest quality Organic Ingredients rich in healing properties and anti-oxidants. We specifically formulate every product with ingredients specially chosen to heal and protect. We use only food grade ingredients which means our products are so clean you could eat them! 

100% Non-Toxic

Did you know 80% or more of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream. We Promise never to use synthetic, toxic, or harmful ingredients. For more information on toxic ingredients normally found in body care products. Our Products are so clean you could eat them.

Check out our Consumer Education page.