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Our Mission: We Speak for the Bees!

Simply Bee Organics was founded on the principle that we can care for our body and planet using organic, chemical-free, healing, Herbal Honeys while saving the bees one wildflower at a time. With each purchase of Simply Bee Organics, you will receive a packet of wildflower seeds to help feed the bees. We are all Beekeepers now!!  

Our Products

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Simply Bee Whipped Herbal Honey is a delicious and highly nutritive vehicle to help your body absorb herbal remedies.


Help us Save the Bees!

We include FREE wildflower seeds in every order specially chosen to help feed and shelter pollinators. Plant flowers and help us do something tangible to help. Becoming a Bee Guardian!  Learn how to start a pollinator meadow: 

Whipped Honey

All pure honey naturally crystalizes, especially raw honey. If your honey doesn’t crystalize, it’s probably funny honey (sugar water and honey) Whipping is the process where we grind down the crystals to the smallest size and seed the batches with these crystals is so that when the honey crystals grow they take on the smaller size crystals leaving you with a delightfully texture for all time.

Organic Honey

 Honey itself is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and anti-oxidants for supporting a healthy body, mind and spirit.  We have taken great care to craft healing herbal blends in with this golden ambrosia. Using Certified Organic Honey insures no pesticides were used on their flowers or chemical treatments inside the hive. Increasing doses of chemical treatments inside the hive with their delicate honey is the norm in commercial beekeeping to combat the mites and diseases. Our sacred duty is to create the purest healing remedies possible for people and planet.

Raw Honey

Honey has exceptional nutritional value, containing 5,000 enzymes, 22 amino acids, and 27 minerals. Heating the honey can denature all the delicate enzymes and healthy constituents in the honey and herbs . 

Herbs in Honey

Honey contains natural sugars which are easily absorbed in the body starting at the mouth. These sugars act as carriers delivering the specially selected herbs to the body. Honey also is a natural preserving vehicle, allowing us to take freshly dried herbs and seal in the full force of their constituents into the honey.