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Bath Care


Honor your body in bath and sooth your mind

Bathing with healing herbs, salts and clays can be one sweet gift we can give to ourselves. Bathing with right ingredients can moisturize, detoxify, relax, sooth, or invigorate both body and mind. The oils lend their healing powers to the warm bathwater and diffuse aromatic magic all around you. 

Best Practice

  1. Drink water all day
  2. Dry Brush your skin
    • One of the best ways to prepare your body for bathing is to dry brush the skin with a natural fiber brush before bathing. This technique, which can be done daily, opens up clogged pores and eliminates dead skin, and toxins. You simply brush your entire body, except for the face (and breasts for woman), for 5-20 minutes. Begin gently and then work up a more vigorous brushing beginning with your Hands, then arms, underarms, neck, chest, stomach, back, legs, and feet. Your skin will be ready to receive the beneficial effects of your healing bath.(REFER To BODY CARE FOR MORE INFO- PLEASE CONDENSE)
    • Add a bath oil and/or bath salt for the desired effect
    • Take time for yourself or with a bath buddy to absorb the oils and or salts.
  4. Rub in body oil to moisture, protect, and heal your skin
  5. Stretch it out
  6. Live Simply, So Others Can Simply Live