Simply Bee Organics

"Live Simply so others can Simply Live"

Independent Sales Representative


Simply Bee Organics is an organic personal care products company specializing in men’s grooming products. Our products are specially formulated with the highest quality organic beeswaxes, butters, and oils which heal and soften hair and skin. We hand craft and cold process our products without the use of harmful chemicals unlike most manufacturers currently on the market.

            Our Organic Chemical Free Healing products give us a unique and powerful market placement. Simply Bee Organics is also dedicated to educating consumers about the Honey Bee Crisis and giving them tangible ways to help save the bees. Every product we sell comes with wild flower seeds specially chosen to take care of the honey bees, butterflies and other native pollinators. This story creates excitement in our clients to share our story and our products!

Here’s The Deal

We are looking for a passionate sales representative with an entrepreneurial spirit with high ambitions to grow our company’s sales.

We are new to the Colorado brick and mortar market and as such there is huge potential for new store opening and building a reorder rate for a successful candidate.  We are looking for a sales representative who has a strong passion for selling clean natural products, who can get the customer excited about our ingredients, product performance and company story.

Career advancement: For a highly successful candidate which has a proven record of opening new stores, training customers to use products on their clients to increase reorder rate, there will be the possibility to grow into a roll which can build a replicable sales process towards the goal of hiring, training and managing other sales representatives rising to a managerial role.



  • Research accounts and generate new customer sales by calling on and visiting barbershops, salons, and boutiques in Colorado.
  • Service these accounts
  • Provided training for stylist and sell back bar line to increase sell through
  • Provide feedback from clients
  • Suggest alternative sales strategies or business avenues
  • Educate customers on the importance of using organic products without the use of harmful chemicals


The Perfect Candidate will:

  • Be self-motivated
  • Be skilled in generating new accounts
  • Be skilled at upselling accounts, acquiring shelf space, and training client’s staff to foster a high resale rate
  • Be able to create a sales process
  • Be adaptive
  • Be able to hire, train, manage and motivate new sales rep
  • Be able to set up a sales strategy for aggressive expansion into current and new markets
  • Possess a high degree of entrepreneurial savvy



  • Proven sales experience
  • Familiarity with different sales techniques and pipeline management
  • Self-motivated and driven
  • Strong communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Well organized
  • Strong communication skills
  • Possess a high level knowledge of sales strategy and organization


This is an independent contracted role. The position currently pays 15% commission on sales plus $50 per new store opening. For the right candidate, our high quality organic products, unique brand position, and the newness to the market will give them the ability to grow sales will provide significant career growth and monetary upside.


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