Simply Bee Organics

"Live Simply so others can Simply Live"


Help us Save the Bees!

We include FREE wildflower seeds in every order specially chosen to help feed and shelter pollinators. Plant flowers and help us do something tangible to help. Becoming a bee guardian!  Learn how to start a pollinator meadow: 

Organic Ingredients

We use only the highest quality Organic ingredients. All our ingredients are natural never chemical. There are a rare few ingredients which are not available in organic.  In these cases we do our due diligence to insure they are non-toxic, healthy and safe. For example, white sage essential oil is not available as certified organic. Our supplier wild craft harvest the white sage which has not been treated with any chemicals.  

100% Non-Toxic

Did you know 80% or more of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood stream. We Promise never to use synthetic, toxic, or harmful ingredients. For more information on toxic ingredients normally found in body care products. Check out our Consumer Education page. 


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