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Skin Care


Your skin is a living system...

Just one square inch consists of 19 million cells, 625 sweat glands, 94 sebaceous glands, 60 hairs, 19,000 sensory nerve cells, 1,250 pain receptors, 13 cold and 78 heat receptors, 160 pressure receptors, and 19 yards of blood vessels. 

Your skin is an integral part of your living being and one that  plays a vital role within your body's supportive and functional capacities. It's essential that you learn how to care for it and nourish it so that it will remain healthy.

Truly beautiful skin comes from adhering to a program of

  • Proper Diet
  • Daily Exercise
  • Quality Sleep
  • Proper cleansing regime


The skin is one of the first organs in the body to be affected by poor diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and improper elimination. Moist, clear, radiant skin is generally a sign of good health, while skin that is dry and flaky or oily and pimply can be indicative of internal problems, especially where nutrition is concerned. 

Proper Cleaning Regime

  1. Cleanse your skin
  2. Tone your skin
  3. Moisturize your skin
  4. Drink plenty of Water
  5. Dry Brusing
    • Brush your skin only when dry, preferably before a shower or bath.
    • Use a natural fiber brush the size of your palm. Brush your entire body - except for your face and breasts if you're a woman, Daily. Do not brush hard. 
    • Over the course of a day your skin sheds more than a pound of waste through thousands of tiny sweat glands. In fact, about one-third of all the body's impurities are excreted this way. If your pores are cloged, there's no way for these toxic by-products to escape.