Bee Apprenticeship Bee Conservation Program

Calling All Bee Lovers to Bee Conservationists

Simply Bee's Bee Conservation Apprenticeship Program

We are looking for bee loving people who want to help bees and care for the bees as a conservationist and guardians, people who are interested learning how to keep bees naturally and gently. We teach how to care for native bees as well as honey bees. Native bees can include stingless bees, sweat bees, mason bees, and bumble bees which are less intimidating and immensely important to our ecosystem. 

We teach ‘bee-centric' natural beekeeping – beekeeping that prioritizes honeybees firstly as pollinators, with honey production being a secondary goal.


What we offer

We will work one on one with individuals, families or groups in Colorado (options for remote mentorship) to gather/acquire local bees, set up bee hives or bee houses, and care for the bees. We will also work with groups; for example, this is an amazing project for a parent child project or community garden!

We will also help in setting up a bee conservation and wildflower area or bee garden. Providing education and free wildflower seeds.

The Deal:

  1. Education and mentorship is Free of money exchange following the principles of the gift economy.  We believe human knowledge and passion should be freely shared. But, we have a list of mandatory agreements to ensure the loving care of the bees and their future vitality.
  2. Nobel Agreements:
    1. Mentee(s) must show passion and demonstrate a serious commitmentto do the work and care for the bees in the good times and the hard time.
    2. Must show to ability to obtain or build a natural bee hive and/or native bee house. We will help with the sourcing or knowledge of how to build a hive.
    3. Must have the land to host the bees for several seasons.
    4. Must commit to teaching at least 1-2 more future bee initiates how to be sacred stewards for the bees.
    5. Must be willing to share stores and pictures to inspire others.
    6. Must be willing to share SBO mission and education with people who have the passion to help save the bees. Through your personal network, people you meet, social medical, all the webs of the human connections to spread the healing.
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