Adopt-A-Hive at your local community, company, school or garden


We are looking for schools, community garden, non-profit, or other community group, interested in having us help establish a pollinator conservation habitat with a beehive or stingless native bee houses and pollinator meadow at your location!

Honey bees are an excellent addition to any outdoor space, as they greatly improve pollination services and local ecosystem vitality.

Bee conservation programs are a great way to do some good in the world while attracting people to your events. Also amazing for social media outreach for your organization.

We will educate your community on the bees, natural beekeeping, the environmental issues surrounding bees, environmental stewardship, and most importantly what you can do to help Save The Bees.

 What we offer

We will work your Colorado Front Range group to establish a pollinator friendly bee conservation area. This will include help planting wildflowers and either: gather local honey bees to set up natural bee hives, as well as, care for the bees.

We will also educate your group and speak at your events throughout the year.


Education and mentorship is Free of money exchange following the principles of the gift economy. We will also care for your bees. But, we do have conditions to ensure the loving care of the bees and their future vitality.

  1. Conditions:
    1. Groups must show passion and demonstrate a serious commitment to establish and keep a bee conservation area.
    2. Groups must designate a single responsible leader for the project
    3. Must show to ability to obtain or build a natural bee hive and/or native bee house. We will help with the sourcing or knowledge of how to build a hive.
    4. Must be willing to share stores and pictures to inspire others.
    5. Group must be able to care for the wildflowers and conservation area.
    6. Group agrees to host at least one education event(s) to show people how they can help save the bees.
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