Simply Bee Organics was founded with the intention to touch people’s lives by providing delicious and authentic products. We wanted to create a product that could bring a feeling of well-being and happiness to everyone who tasted it. Not only do our products taste great, but you can feel great knowing that your purchase helps fund our mission to save the bees. We'll also send you free wildflower seeds with your purchase so YOU can make a difference within your own community. In essence, we’re committed to evolving responsibly and sustainably, with harmony and integrity.

We understand that to change the world, we need a tribe. Through educating the community and providing the tools necessary for change, we can make a huge impact. Change always starts with a seed, so we give free wildflowers away at markets and events and include them with every product we sell. SBO is also launching initiatives to work with schools and community gardens to educate our future leaders and start pollinator meadows. Let's change the world together, one bee at a time. 

While we believe that raw honey is great, we thought it could use some sparkle. Our line of fruit-infused honey is perfect for anything from breakfast to lunch to dessert. (If you're anything like us, you'll find an excuse to put them on everything.) Our herbal honey can be eaten by the spoonful or mixed into a tea to add a little sweetness. Regardless, each of our products is raw and organic, so they maintain all of the benefits of unpasteurized honey.

Simply Bee Organics was founded by Colorado native, Tyler Stellern. Tyler first fell in love with the bees on a warm sunny day in the Rocky Mountains. He met a Chinese herbalist while working at a soap factory in college. He was then introduced to the hives in a hidden mountain sanctuary filled with hillsides of herbs. The harmony of the honey bees’ song was like nothing else. Tyler was immediately ready to leap into the sea of the unknown in order to share their wisdom and innate healing properties with the world.