Bee Enlightened

Simply Bee Organics was founded with the intention to touch people’s lives and to provide delicious, authentic and artisan products that elevate humanity. We are honored to co-create a path of well-being and happiness. Once we recognize that we are our own best healers for our body, mind and spirit - we can bee better. Simply Bee Organics was founded on the principle that we can heal our body and planet while saving the bees one wildflower at a time.

In essence, we’re committed to evolving responsibly, sustainably, with harmony and integrity.

Root Statement

Simply Bee Organics is a Mission Driven Honey Company dedicated to inspiring and empowering humanity with sacred wisdom and providing transformational tools for humanity to promote health & vitality for one's self, the bees, our families, and the planet.

We create organic premium honey fusions with ingredients intended to boost your vitality and longevity in order to empower and illuminate humanity to create a sustainable healthy world for our grandchildren and the ecosystem we call Mother Earth. 

A Love Story

Simply Bee Organics Founder and Colorado native, Tyler Stellern first fell in love with the bees on a warm sunny day in the Rocky Mountains. He met a Chinese herbalist while starting an organic educational garden at the soap factory he worked in during college. It was there where he was introduced to the hives in a hidden mountain sanctuary filled with hillsides of herbs. It was love at first sight. The harmony of the honey bees’ song was like nothing else. It was a beautiful siren’s song. Tyler was immediately under their spell, ready to leap into the sea of the unknown in order to share their mystical wisdom and innate healing properties with the world.

Today we are most proud of our collective mission, passion and community. Our dedication to giving knowledge and tools to people so we can co-create a better planet for our children is what sets us apart.

Creating a healthier world for our people and our planet.

A Higher Purpose.

At Simply Bee Organics, we understand that to change the world, we need a tribe. We need the community to bee educated and have the tools to take real action to support a healthier path for our people and our planet. Change always starts with a seed. We believe that together, we can help people and the planet, one flower at a time.

At Simply Bee Organics, we give free wildflowers away at markets and events and we include them with every product we sell. SBO is launching initiatives to work with schools and community gardens to educate our future leaders and start pollinator meadows.

Let’s change the world together, one bee at a time. Save the Bees.

Peace & Blessings.
Simply Bee Organics