How To Help - Education

"We are all Beekeepers. Plant Flowers Keep Bees!"


Simply Educate Yourself

There are numerous internet resources for educating yourself about the delicate relationship between humans and bees. We've included a few links for you to check out below. We also have some great educational resources for students and kids that we will be adding soon! 

Reference and links for more info on pollinators and conservation


YouTube videos

Simply Bee Organics School Resources - Coming Soon! 

Here at Simply Bee Organics we dedicate our passion and resources to setting up pollinator meadows near community gardens, community areas, organic farms and gardens to help rebuild our diminishing honey bee and native pollinator populations. Contact us for information on how to help us in Colorado or for information on how to start these type of initiatives in your home town. If you are interested in starting a pollinator meadow in your community or farm, contact us to work with us or for more information.