A Sacred Synchronistic Reciprocity

Everything on this earth is a sacred relationship founded in a synchronistic reciprocity.


 The relationships we have with nature, with our food, with our friends and family are all based on the basic concept of giving and receiving. We give time to friends – money to those in need and less fortunate. This reciprocity is evident in every breath we take. We inhale (receive) oxygen and exhale (give) carbon dioxide (CO2). The plants, ocean algae, and trees receive CO2 and give us the oxygen we need in a beautiful harmonious relationship.


How long has this breath been shared and recycled through this human-plant relationship? The story actually goes that in 44 BC in Rome, Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of his own senators, crumpling to the floor with a final gasp. His last breath contained around 25 sextillion (that’s 25 followed by 21 zeroes) air molecules, which would have spread around the globe within a couple of years. A breath seems like such a small thing compared to the Earth’s atmosphere, but remarkably, if you do the math, you’ll find that roughly one molecule of Caesar’s air will appear in your next breath. Source: https://www.sciencefocus.com/planet-earth/are-we-really-breathing-caesars-last-breath


As humans we have the sacred responsibility and choice of what to give.


With every dollar you spend you reach around the entire globe with your influence and you vote on what you give the earth and what you take.

We receive seeds from the earth. In these seeds are gifts of countless wonders of creation, bounties of sweetness for emotional joy, brain power in the nutrients of a blueberry, ancient fragrances used by humans to communicate love, as with the rose, gargantuan amounts of shade for our children concealed in the tiny seed of an oak, medicine to heal a cold in the flower of Echinacea. 

What you give back is entirely up to you. Do you pause in gratitude for the first breath you take each morning? Do you give thanks and gratitude for all the creatures and earthly systems working hard to create a garden that can support agriculture to feed you and your families?

Do you pay farmers and governments to give the earth restorative composts for the worms and mushrooms? Do you give bio-invigorated agriculture systems for all of her creatures to tend the garden harmony? Do you share healthy flowers untouched by poisons with the pollinators who spread the love language of DNA? Do you provide places to live for the creepy crawlers who manage the bugs who cause crop damage? Do you give clean water for the fish to fertilize the water for the plants?

With every dollar you spend, you vote on what you give the earth. Do you choose to use toxic pesticides to poison all the creepy crawlies – the same ones who pollinate your food and the creatures below the earth who are responsible for creating a healthy soil and the skin of the earth?

Do you dump harsh chemicals down the drains to soak the waterways and oceans? Do you put chemical fertilizers into the soil to kill the earthworms that create sustainable souls?  Do you throw plastic bags in the trash that end up the oceans and pollute delicate coral and sea ecosystems? 


Our ancestors respected the sacred symbiotic relationship with nature


In ancient times we knew how the earth worked and how to farm in a giving and receiving way: they gave the land and its biodiversity sustainable health in exchange for receiving sustainable health from the land’s output.

Even before Cortes, the pre-Aztec indigenous people created “chinampas”, a farming technique relying on floating gardens created by dredging organic-rich canal muck and placing it onto of the raised fields, a technology producing an incredible yield.  Have we forgotten our ancestors’ teachings in favor of modern-day chemically dependent farming methods that are now directly linked to serious health issues?

If we give poisons to our crops in the form of pesticides and herbicides to kill bugs and plants we in turn receive poison ingesting it and feeding it to our families, our water ways, our oceans.  

If we give care in our farming systems and work with her in the way nature has taught us for countless of generations, our families and communities receive health, wellness, and increased vitality.


Give Care and Responsibility - Receive Vitality and Joy. 

Give Ignorance and Poison, and you are likely to Receive the Unspeakable... 

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