Bee Responsible - Messages From The Hive


Where is your boundary? Are you responsible for your body? You make choices  about  what you eat. Are you responsible for your bedroom? You’re surely responsible to make sure the bed is made. How about your house? Your family? Your neighborhood? Your community? Your State? Your country? How about spaceship earth?

The honey bees tell me “We don’t worry about whose job it is or whose turn it is. If there’s work to be done we do it. We don’t get caught up with ‘who took out the trash last’ or worry about if we’ve been doing the cleaning all week. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve the hive. It’s a blessing to care for the collective. It’s our divine responsibility. But, it’s not just the hive we tend and care for. We do not own the earth, we are responsible for caring for the earth. We bring pollen to flowers so they can birth seeds to grow into herbs, plants, shrubs, and trees of all kinds. We tend garden earth so that she may thrive and bee beautiful. The more we give, the more sweet sweet nectar she gives back.”

“We visit only one kind of flower on each journey so we are maximizing pollination for the flowers who are giving us the nectar of life. It would be easier and more efficient for us to fly from one flower to another without care as to what kind of flower we visit. We would surely collect more honey. But how many baby flowers do not get to be born because we took the easy road. We surely would live longer if we took the easier path. We do not die of old age, but we die when our wings wear out from use. Our wings flap at 250 beats a second after all. These wing beats are our song of love we sing to mother earth. All this we do because we are responsible for the earth. We are all responsible for mother earth.“

How far does your responsibility extend? How far will you say, yes I am responsible for that? Where do you turn your back and say, no I’m not responsible for that? I have enough responsibility of my own?

The moment we decide we are not responsible, we lose our ability to respond.

The honey bees have been around for 120 million years, let us learn and grow from their wisdom.

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