Creating Delicous Nutricious Smoothie's 101

Eat the rainbow, choose your own adventure


Below are options to add to your smoothie. 

(Click here for Super Berry Smoothie Recipe)

    1. Base: [16oz+]
      1. Water 
      2. Ice (for frozen smoothie)
      3. *Coconut Water with pulp (Electrolytes)
      4. Coffee (Balance it with superfoods and mushrooms to reduce jitters)
      5. Yogurt    
      6. Fruit Juice
    2. To Chocolate or not chocolate (Fats, ground the body and grease the nervous system)
      1. Cocoa nibs (whole beans - more nutritious) [handful]
      2. Chocolate powder (rounds out chocolate flavor) [2-3tbsp to taste]
      3. Cocoa butter [1-2 Tbsp.]
      4. Raw Honey (Sugars that heal)
      5. Super Berry Honey [1-3tbsp]
        1. Ingredients: Raw Honey*, Gogi Berry*, Raspberry*, Acai*, Dragon Fruit*, Camu Camu*, Wild Blueberry*. (*Organic Ingredient)
      6. Simply Bee Organics: Strawberry Honey, Blueberry Honey, Raspberry Honey, or Chocolate Honey [1-3tbsp]
    3. Berries (Antioxidants and vitamins and minerals) [1-2 cups]
      1. Raw Goji berries - (great source of protein. Contains a complete protein. 18 amino acids. High in mineral 21 trace minerals.) [handful]
      2. Acai [handful]
      3. Blueberry (Brain Berry)[1-2 cups]
      4. Strawberry [1-2 cups]
      5. Banana [1-2]
    4. Greens (Calcium, magnesium - Calm the nervous system)
      1. Kale [1-2 stalks]
      2. Spinach [1-2 handfuls]
    5. Nuts  (To soak nuts or not to soak nuts - If the nut is high in protein then soak it to breakdown the enzyme inhibitors. Ex. Almonds. If the nut is high in fats do not soak. Ex. Cashew, macadamia nut)
      1. Peanut butter [1-3 tbsp.]
      2. Soaked raw almond [Handful]
      3. Raw cashew nut [Handful]
      4. Raw macadamia nut [Handful]
    6. Seeds (The nutrients of new life)
      1. Hemp seeds (high in nutrition, protein, and magnesium for the heart) [1-2 handfuls]
      2. Black Chia Seeds (rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids) [1-2 tbsp.]
      3. Pumpkin seeds (Traditionally used for men's health) [1 handful]
    7. Super food
      1. Maca (Pairs with chocolate traditionally. Good for endocrine system. Good for brain, pregnancy)
        1. Careful with dosage. 1 tbsp. per 1.5L. Strong taste
      2. Spirulina powder with algae (Antioxidant, minerals) [small scoop]


    Super Berry Recipe

      1. 16oz coconut water with pulp
      2. 1-2 handful(s) of ice (optional for frozen smoothie)
      3. 1 handful cocoa nibs
      4. 2 tbsp. cocoa powder
      5. 3 tbsp. super berry honey
      6. 1 handful of dried goji berries
      7. 1 banana
      8. 1 cup blueberries
      9. 1/2-1 cup raspberries
      10. 2 tbsp. peanut butter
      11. 2 handfuls hemp seeds
      12. 1 tbsp. chia seeds
      13. Small scoop of spirulina (Optional)

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